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Leah Willemin
Design + Creative Technology

dream machine

Cherry, 3D-printed PLA, stainless steel, fiberglass, iPhone, projector, optic fiber, wiring, arduino.

This is an in-progress piece that is designed for use as part of a performance. A participant sits within the structure looking into the 3d-printed mask. A phone within the mask plays video, while a projector plays video in the large fiberglass vessel.

I’m investigating the way technology alters a person’s physicality as well as her internal imagery. The central piece slowly rotates, forcing the participant to lie down, as though asleep or in a trance. The videos played by the phone and projector evoke a relationship between the participant’s local media and a larger dreamlike world: that of the participant’s mind, or the broader digital world.

I’m also interested in the solitary vs. communal nature of technological consumption: Does looking at a screen isolate an individual from her surroundings? How can a person’s digital experiences be shared by those physically around her?