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Leah Willemin
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Jewelry Design

I create playful and elegant jewelry designs that engage the kinetic, three-dimensional, and temporal aspects of the body. My work echoes those physical elements using mechanical language. Through materials and construction methods used in unexpected ways, my frankly constructed pieces tell a story about human adornment.

Springs, washers, rivets, and tubing come together in my collection to reference industrial forms and materials. I use silver, brass, and titanium—as well as wood and plastic—to explore how materials can behave in surprising ways, especially as I apply craft techniques from diverse disciplines including printmaking, woodworking, and bookbinding.

Orders: leahwillemin@gmail.com

Spine Necklace silver, brass, titanium, steel cable

Lace Clip-Ons 3D-printed vinyl, hand dyed

Designed to be comfortable clip-ons that can be easily put on by those with limited manual dexterity.

Lace Earrings titanium and silver

Bow Earrings silver and titanium

Spring Earrings silver and titanium

Circle Earrings brass and silver

Orbit Bracelet titanium and brass